Monday, 18 March 2019

🎶 We're going round the world in a song today... 🎶

1A had a fabulous music lesson today. They used different instruments to compose music that represents different countries.

They used tambourines and egg shakers to represent Italy.

They used rain makers, tambourines and sandpaper blocks to represent the golden sands of Egypt!

They used metal bells and discs to recreate the soothing sounds of China!

They used wooden blocks and castanets to represent sunny Spain!

Can you think of instruments you could use to represent the sounds of England? 😝

Monday, 11 February 2019

🎇 Materials! 🎇

1A have had an engaging and active lesson learning about materials! 

We used a feely bag filled with objects made from different materials. We pulled out different objects and then sorted each object into hoops according to the material they were made of!

Did you know that rulers can be made out of materials other than plastic?

We had to have a lengthy discussion about what material foil is made out of...
Do you know which material it is made from?

Friday, 18 January 2019

✨🍫 Chocolate Crispy Cakes 🍫✨

Year 1 had a lovely time making some delicious chocolate crispy cakes by following recipes they wrote in English, as part of their Instructions topic!

They also had to use their sharp Maths skills to measure their ingredients! This helped to make sure the cakes were delicious. Mmm....

Year 1 can't wait to devour their beautifully crispy cakes! 

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Practical Number Lines

1A had great fun learning how to work out missing number calculations with number lines. 

However... They didn't use ordinary number lines!

The children drew their own number lines on their tables using whiteboard pens and cubes as concrete resources to help them.

They then chose calculations to work out by drawing jumps along the number line!

After the messy lesson, 1A also worked cooperatively to clean up the tables...

Can you imagine having such a good time solving Maths calculations?? 😱